Hi, I'm Nicky 

Whether you are just starting to think about designing your own patterns or have been at it a while, you might have questions about what it's like to work with a technical editor. Let's walk through a typical project. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Tech Editing

Whether your pattern is fully written or you have a few questions before finalizing it, email me. I love to help every step of the way and have lots of resources including sizing charts, style sheets, and articles that may help answer your burning design questions. 

  • Not sure if you're ready for editing? My editing teacher Joeli Kelly wrote this great checklist

If your design is intended to have multiple sizes, consider whether you want to write out all the sizes yourself (known as grading) or if you want to hire someone to do it. I offer grading services and I am now pleased to be able to offer both tech editing and grading together by having a fellow editor check my grading work for me. 

  • Got questions about grading? My grading teacher Sarah Walworth wrote this handy guide.  

Once you are ready to edit and/or grade, email me the pattern for a quote. For grading projects, it must be an editable file format like .pages, .docx, or Google Docs, so that I can add in the finished numbers and measurements. For technical editing, a PDF or any other format is fine. I will look at the pattern's length and complexity, and estimate how many hours it might take to complete the work. I will send you a quote and a timeline - usually 2-3 business days for editing or 5-7 business days for grading. 

The quote is the most you can expect to see on your invoice. In the rare situation that there's a significant change after the we start the work, like we add grading, or make major design/gauge changes after the grading has already begun, I will let you know if we need to add additional time to the invoice. 

Once you agree to the quote, expect a few emails from me. Sometimes there's a lot of back and forth to make sure everything is just right. I'll send you back a copy of your pattern file with highlighting and comments on it. These will include spelling and grammar, formatting and consistency, clarity and math comments. Most of the time, they'll be quick and easy changes. Look through them and make your corrections, then send it back to me to be checked. This is probably the most important step that sometimes gets overlooked - but it can save a lot of frustration later! If you have any questions about any of my comments, or think I've misinterpreted something, please ask me to clarify. Remember, I am on your team now and we are working together to make this pattern the best it can be. I know what questions to ask and things to check, but all I have is instructions and photos. You are the expert on your own unique design, you have the sample in front of you and you've experienced it on the needles. 

Once we've checked and sorted out all the corrections, I'll send my invoice. My invoicing program accepts online payment and gives 30 days to pay, but please let me know if you prefer to make other arrangements such as e-transfer (within Canada), Paypal, or even barter. I'm still here for you during and after the testing phase, even after publication, so always feel free to email for another check. 

Did this answer all your questions about editing? Ready to dive in? For complete details including my rates, what I check, and what specific details I need to begin grading, please send me an email. I look forward to working with you!

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