• Nicky

5 Ways To Level Up Your Pattern Writing Today

When I first decided I wanted to write my own patterns, it seemed like such a daunting task. Although I had been knitting for decades and creating custom pieces either by modifying existing patterns, or without a pattern at all, I still worried that I didn't have the knowledge or experience to write quality patterns. I took Aroha Knits' SWATCH course which gave me a framework for how to design, write, and launch a pattern. It improved my confidence immensely, but I quickly realized there were some things I'd only learn through experience.

Some of you only know me as a designer, but I'm a technical editor too - so I see new patterns in progress across my desk every week, and I learn something new from every single pattern I work on. Here are a few of my favourite easy ways to improve your pattern writing today.

1. Size by measurement

Sizes like XS, S, etc are not consistent from one brand to the next. They can be confusing, or worse, alienating. Make sure your customers have an easy time choosing their perfect size by providing the garment measurements instead. Here are the most important measurements for someone deciding to make your pattern:

- Chest circumference