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Baby Sand Dollar Modification

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

A baby raglan pullover on the needles with mesh sleeves in striped white, blue and aqua cotton

Some of you were interested in this little pullover I knit for my daughter recently. It's actually a simplified version of my pattern, Baby Sand Dollar!

All I did was work the body in stockinette instead of the mesh stitch. Next time I have a free minute, I'm planning to try the opposite combo - stockinette sleeves with mesh stitch body.

If you have the pattern (get it here) the modification is super simple. The "Mesh Over Yoke Increases" section becomes:

Round 1: (Knit to marker, sm, K1, *yo, sl1, k2, psso; repeat from *to last 2 sts before marker; k2, sm) twice.

Round 2, 4, 6: *kfb, k to last stitch before marker, kfb, sm; repeat from * to end (increase 8 sts each round).

Round 3: (Knit to marker, sm, K1, *yo, sl1, k2, psso; repeat from *to last stitch before marker, k1, sm) twice.

Round 5: (Knit to marker, sm, K1, *yo, sl1, k2, psso; repeat from *to marker, sm) twice.

The body is then worked in straight stockinette until the length from armpit is 1/2" short of the desired length, then continue to work ribbing as per pattern directions. That's it!

I may at some point post this as a standalone pattern, but for now, call it a two for one.

Happy Friday fibre friends!

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