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Very exciting news. I released my one simple little free pattern on Ravelry and couldn't help but notice how much exposure it got and how quickly. I felt cautiously motivated. I was telling my husband about it, and how there was this knitwear design course that I wanted to take, but enrolment was closed. 

Then I happened to check the website again, and to my surprise, enrolment was open. It seemed serendipitous. I told him about the price. He said "Couldn't you learn how to do this for free?" I said I can keep trying, but it will take a lot more trial and error. He asked, "Do you think you can make that much back selling patterns?" 

I hesitated. Then I said, "Yes." 

So I decided to enrol in Aroha Knits' Swatch Studio, and I am totally loving it. I've watched 2 of the 6 modules already and have mapped out all the steps to designing my first pattern. Having a plan and knowing all the steps has really helped me focus my efforts. I've already created a mood board to come up with a really inspired and cohesive design idea, sketched it out, chosen stitches and yarn, and started to swatch. 

Upcoming lessons include photography and branding/marketing, which will be valuable in improving my website. I don't mind saying I am super stoked to finally be making some headway on this! 

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