• Nicky

Choosing the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Handmade Wardrobe

I love colour, all colours, and for a long time, my love of every colour permeated every aspect of my life. Some people pull this off so well, but for me, it resulted in a wardrobe that felt disjointed, and made it difficult to pull outfits together. It wasn't until my thirties that I finally learned why.

In 2017 I made a decision that changed my life. I hired Suzanne Colmer, the style consulting queen of Toronto, of Your Shop Girl. She taught me the best cuts, colours, and prints for my unique complexion and frame, and so much more. I gobbled up all the information she gave me, and now, it feels like second nature, allowing me to quickly rule in or out pieces based on what I know works best on me.

Your handmade wardrobe is a big investment, both in time, and in yarn. Choosing carefully will increase the wearability of each piece, making them worth the effort. Narrowing down your ideal colour palette is a great place to start. The colour and subtle undertones of your skin, hair, and eyes, and even how they contrast with each other, all play together to determine what colours of clothing will complement you best. They are your wow colours - the ones that show up in your life again and again, and you consistently feel your best wearing. Or maybe they'll come as a complete surprise!


I spent a year knitting myself a wool cardigan. I knew that for the cost and the amount of time I would spend on it, I'd need it to be something I could wear all the time, with everything. Guess what colour it is?

Black? Neutral? Goodness no!

It's dusty rose.