• Nicky

Featured Pattern - Cake Pop Dress

Updated: Apr 22

Spring has been teasing me here in Canada - the snow is no longer staying on the ground, but every time I think it's gone for good we get another little flurry. And yet, everyday, there are more signs that warmer weather and sunshine might be here to stay. The mourning doves have claimed a nest under my front porch awning, and the magnolia across the street is full of plump buds.

It's got me thinking about spring knitting and crochet patterns, and one particularly sweet project comes to mind - my Cake Pop Dress. I created this design in collaboration with WeCrochet, trying out their Brava Speckle yarn. The rainbow Cake Pop colourway was a hit with my little one, who insisted it must become a dress - and a purse as well:

The purse is a miniature version of Two of Wands' Capri Bag. The dress is my design which I'll be sharing below. The ad-free PDF is available for sale in my Payhip Shop, and wherever else you like to purchase patterns.

I recently learned that WeCrochet and KnitPicks have a new addition to the Brava family, and it's gorgeous - introducing Brava Tweed! Take a look at this colour palette - I'm in love.