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How Not To Become A Knitwear Designer

Pink ribbing and lace on the needles, on a notebook with a design sketch
Knitting and sketching

It's day 2 of unrelenting sleet. All plans that involve leaving our home have been abandoned, with the exception of walking to a neighbourhood cafe for hubby's caffeine fix.

I've taken advantage of the time to play around with another design idea. It might not be a basic enough place to start. I've decided to take something I've knit dozens of times - in this case, a top-down baby cardigan, and change it up by adding a lace motif. I figured that if I just followed the lace chart, that it would appear upside down on a top-down sweater.

Unfortunately, it took several rows to realize that working the chart in the opposite direction doesn't work. I would have to fiddle around with learning how each stitch works in lace in order to completely reverse engineer and flip the design, but that seems too advanced for today. The takeaway is - as they always tell you - start with a swatch. So I am back to row 1. 

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