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Hygge Knitter's Starter Pack

My husband is always on reddit looking at "starter packs" and giggling to himself. 

I wondered what would be in a starter pack for hygge knitters. Here's my roundup of top tools. Unless otherwise stated, these are not affiliate links, just things I use and love.

1. Coffee

 Handknits and Hygge. They just go together! And what else goes together with hygge? Definitely coffee. Picture yourself on a rainy or snowy day, all set up on the couch, you're happy to be cozy and dry, with a nearly finished project on your needles, and a warm foamy latte (or tea, or cocoa, whatever it is!) Sooooo hygge. I have a Nespresso machine, and get my organic coffee pod subscription from Artizan Coffee. I also love to use the cutest mug. The one in the collage above is from my stay at the June Motel (a Pinterest-perfect motel in Picton, Ontario, Canada) but I also love this one I got from Ivy & Hart on Etsy, and this one I found on KnitPicks.

2. Crap Weather

I used to get bummed out when I opened the blinds and it was raining or snowing. Now, I get kind of excited. It's a great excuse to cozy up on the couch and stitch the hours away. If you don't have enough of this where you live, come visit me in Canada! 


This is the fun part, and pretty self explanatory. Call yourself a designer, like I have, and you'll never need another excuse to buy yarn. Knitwear designers obviously need yarn. Sorry not sorry! 

4. A swift

This rocked my world. It makes winding hanks sooo much faster and easier. I got a winder years ago but was still tangling hanks. I really don't know how I went so long without a swift. Here's an (affiliate) link to the budget one I purchased - it works great!


This adorable little book is everything you need to understand hygge and start implementing the idea in your life. It really has changed the way I look at things, from bad weather, to decorating my home, to my appreciation of the simple pleasures in life. 

Tell me in the comments below about your favourite way to elevate your crafting experience. 


Toronto, ON, Canada

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