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Improve Your Sleep Tonight

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

12 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight (and why you don't want to sleep "like a baby"; images of a puppy sleeping in someone's arms; a bed with plush pillows and bedding; and lit tealights in glass jars
12 Tips to Sleep Better Tonight

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Since becoming a mom, the biggest struggle in my life has been sleep. Currently, healthcare providers campaign hard for breastfeeding as the most healthful, convenient, and economical way to feed your baby. And though I truly believe it is, exclusively breastfeeding still comes at a cost. It meant I was the only person who could fill that little tummy - and at the beginning that tummy was so little that it needed to be filled every 2-3 hours.

After several months, I became accustomed to broken sleep, but that too, has a cost. As I mentioned in my last post, my memory, concentration, and mental health have all suffered. I even developed insomnia - at times when the baby didn't need me and I could be sleeping, I could not fall asleep for hours, despite my exhaustion.

When my daughter was six months old, my doctor told me I didn't need to feed her at night any more, and that I should work on my "sl