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It's The Most Hyggeligt Time of the Year

It's January in Canada. Snow is softly falling outside, and other than taking my dog for a walk, there's nowhere I need to go tonight. The plan is to get cozy. Turn on the fireplace or maybe light a candle or two, and cuddle up on the sofa with my dog, my laptop, and some knitting. I have been working on designing my first knitting pattern. It's something I've been drawn to do for a long time. A snowy January evening with nowhere to go feels like just the perfect time.

This is hygge. I don't purport to be an expert on the subject (or on knitting for that matter, although I have plenty of experience) but I would definitely call myself an enthusiast. Canadian winters are long, dark, and honestly, depressing. When I first heard about this magical concept, I realized it was a perfect remedy. For me, it starts with a complete change of mindset from "it's too miserable and cold to go out, I hate winter" - to "It's miserable and cold out, perfect time to enjoy some hot chocolate, a fire, cozy blankets, stay in with friends, etc." 

There is so much more to hygge than this. I now own four books on the subject, and someday my husband and I hope to visit Denmark to experience it first hand. It doesn't sound like an appealing tourist destination in the dead of winter, but certainly can't be worse than Toronto - especially with all the hygge happening. 


Toronto, ON, Canada

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