• Nicky


This holiday season is going to look different from most others. I will not be seeing anyone outside my household this Christmas, not live in person anyway. Without getting too much into all of that, I wanted to share a few ways we are making the season special.

  1. Look for silver linings.

No fighting crowds at the mall, searching for parking for ages, driving around in blizzards. No rushing around to different relatives and parties. The simple advice to stay at home means we don't have to buy into the holiday rat race this year - on the contrary, that's exactly what we have to Not do. I can deal with that.

Another way has been embracing the virtual with virtual games nights, coffee dates, and family meals. It's been a great way to reconnect with people who we didn't see often anyway because they live far away, or because we had a baby. We use Jackbox to share games that we can play together.

For many of us I know it's not that easy to see the upsides of our current situation. So how do we find the silver linings? A talk I listened to recently on happiness (on the Calm app) suggested thinking of three new things you are grateful for each day. It can't be the same thing every day - it must be three new things