• Nicky

Let's Talk

Two years ago, Bell Let's Talk Day changed my life.

I had a six-month-old baby who I was getting up to feed every three hours and I was hitting a wall, but I didn't know it. Many people in my life have struggled with their mental health, so I thought I would be well prepared to see the signs, but I wasn't. I thought I was just really tired. On Bell Let's Talk Day, I began reading about postpartum mental health issues and recognized the signs in myself. I learned there was a name for what I was experiencing and I worked up the courage to tell my husband, and then my doctor, a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, and a group of other mothers led by a public health nurse. It helped me get some distance from the thoughts and feelings I was having and know that I was not alone and not a bad mother.

During the pandemic, I have experienced periodic symptoms of depression and anxiety, but I really hate those names. These two diagnoses have many more symptoms than just the emotional states their names describe, and I would like to dispel the misconception that depression = sad and anxiety = worried.

For me, anxiety includes:

- Intrusive thoughts: sud