• Nicky

Pattern Feature - Stormy

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Meet Stormy.

Stormy is the first adult garment I ever designed. And if we are being really honest, the first adult sweater I ever finished knitting. Yes, that's right. I designed a sweater without ever finishing one. But hear me out! I did take Aroha Knits' Swatch Studio course to learn how to design, and I had knit probably dozens of baby sweaters, which more or less add up to one big one, right?

I learned so much designing this sweater, truly. I learned that pima cotton is heavier than it looks - so feel free to experiment with other fibres here. I learned that you can't practice your Continental on a huge area of Stockinette and then switch back to English part way - it definitely shows. And I learned that while not every design has to be groundbreaking, it is fun to do something different and unique.

Stormy looks great on so many body shapes - I wore it through my entire pregnancy and beyond. The boat neck and simple front is the perfect backdrop for your favourite statement or long pendant necklace. I love it equally with a pencil skirt in yarn with a little sheen, as I do with my favourite distressed denim.

Without further ado, I am now sharing Stormy for free below. Please pin this post on Pinterest if you like it, and share your projects on instagram by tagging @handknitsandhygge and #StormySweater. Sharing helps my business grow! You can also choose to purchase the ad-free PDF on Payhip.