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Pattern Release

When I first started Aroha Knits' course for designers, Swatch Studio, I was worried I wouldn't have any ideas for designs. Turns out, that was the easy part for me. 

It's been a bit of a long journey to get this pattern ready. Once it was written and charted, and the sample knit, I then needed to find someone to edit it. Tech editing can be very daunting if you've never had anyone critique your work line-by-line before. I also recruited a group of knitters to test out the pattern and give feedback, confirming that my math created each size as desired. 

In the meantime, I saw a call for submissions to Interweave Knits magazine and thought they might be interested in the pattern. It turns out, they were! One catch though - they wanted adult sizes, which meant starting all the time consuming parts (grading sizes, knitting the sample) nearly from scratch. Because of my contract for the adult sized sweater, I wasn't sure if I could go ahead and release the original pattern. 

On August 5th, I gave birth to my first child, Helena, which really turned my world upside down. Between recovering and learning to take care of her, I just managed to get my commission done. Once I did, I learned that I received the green light to self-publish the Baby Sand Dollar. I had been holding off on doing the photography and layout, as I wouldn't need to if the magazine picked it up. Being stuck in the house post - c - section, and with Helena still too little to model the 12 month size sweater, I wasn't sure how I would get the photos I wanted. A classmate encouraged me to publish anyway. 

So finally, this pattern has been released into the world! I really love this design and look forward to when my daughter is big enough to wear it - and I will likely knit it up for friends' babies as well. The all over mesh pattern is so easy to learn, and the sand dollar motif, while more complex, is only 12 rows and adds just enough special detail to the piece. I encourage anyone interested in lace knitting to try it. The seamless raglan construction makes this a quick, one piece project that is a great gift, as it can be completed in just a few days with a couple of skeins of DK weight yarn. 

Find it here on Payhip and be sure to comment below to share your projects. 

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy,


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