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Pattern Release - I'm Published!

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Great news over here in Hyggeland - I'm being published in a magazine!

The wonderful people at Knit Now Magazine chose to include my Rainbow Chip dress in their upcoming birthday themed 100th issue. I have been sitting on this news for a while and am so excited to finally be able to share it - and to soon be able to get my hands on it! It all feels quite surreal, so I am going to have to see it in print to believe it.

As a designer, working with Knit Now has been a terrific experience. They supplied the inspiration, the yarn, the tech editing, and the photography - basically all the tricky parts for someone who just wants to design patterns. As a budding designer I feel so honoured to have had this opportunity and I'm so very pleased with the results. Thanks to Knit Now for allowing me to share these adorable photos.

The yarn we chose for this project is King Cole Cherish Dash DK. I hadn't worked with King Cole before - I've only seen it in a few nicer yarn shops in my city. It feels so lovely and soft, and the anti-pilling acrylic is perfect for children's clothes (remember the hard lesson I learned a few months back?)

My favourite detail of this project was the cut-out heart on the back. I was a little nervous it wouldn't keep its shape in synthetic yarn, but it came out just perfect! And it was surprisingly simple to do with some basic shaping techniques. I also love the stitch pattern used in the bodice - also surprisingly simple, and likely to be your new favourite!

This issue of Knit Now is available March 21. I can't wait to get my copy - get yours here.

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