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Pattern Release: Rent Shawl

A woman with curly black hair models a green and black intarsia triangle shawl, inside a stone cottage.
Rent Shawl by Nicky Jensen

I began working on this design in the summer of 2019. At that time I was still living in Toronto, and I learned that Kate Atherley was teaching brioche knitting classes at a local yarn shop, Yarns Untangled. Having always wanted to learn brioche, and being a longtime fan of, I worked up the courage to go. I even managed to mention to her that I had started designing patterns, and she told me to send her an email.

When I emailed Kate, she asked if I was a fan of the show, Outlander. I went home and watched it that night so that I could truthfully tell her that I had "just recently gotten into it" - and I did end up becoming a huge fan. As a knitter and designer I immediately saw what was so special about this project. Not a lot of evidence about the clothing of this period has survived, but it is known that the Highlanders relied heavily on wool clothing to keep them warm and dry. The costume designer integrated so many gorgeous handknit pieces into the show, which have inspired many reproductions. This is the first officially licensed Outlander knitting book, and it is absolutely gorgeous - full of not just patterns, but beautiful photography from the show, history, and behind-the-scenes stories. I am so so proud to be a part of this project and I highly recommend picking up a copy, or checking out the hashtag #OutlanderKnitting to see some of the amazing projects inside.

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