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Self Care Saturday

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Spring has arrived in Canada. It's a time when things come back to life - and I feel like I have too. Now that we are no longer in "survival mode" I finally feel that I have a chance to focus on some higher order needs.

A triangle with stacked sections - from top to bottom: self-actualization, esteem, love & belonging, safety, physiological
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Over the past several months I've noticed some bad habits have formed in terms of taking care of myself, and that I need to pay more attention to certain areas. In order to ensure that I commit, I've created a few "rules" for self care.

1. My bedtime routine. Make one for yourself and commit. When your sleep improves, everything improves!

2. Blocking out time in the day for myself. For me, this is easiest to accomplish during the baby's morning nap. I don't always know how much time I'll have, and I have to stay at home, so no errands or going for a run. But I committed myself to not doing housework during this time, and I've stuck with it. This time is just for me and whatever I want to do, whether it's read, knit, or take a nap myself.

Your day might look much different and there might not be an obvious time for this. But I read a terrific post shared recently on Instagram that said if you have time to look at social media, you have time to meditate, journal, and practice gratitude. Excellent food for thought! I keep a gratitude log - it only takes a few minutes to list five things I am grateful for each day, and it really helps me to refocus.

3. "5 a day rule" - challenging myself to eat at least five different vegetables and drink a minimum of 5 pints of water every day. It's a big adjustment from my survival mode habits, but it feels like a manageable step towards feeling much healthier.

Saturday is a day when most of us have a little extra time, and can move a little slower, so it's a great chance to think about self care at least once in the week. But for maximum effect, try to work in one or all of the tips above every day.

What are you doing for you today?

3 Easy Self Care Hacks To Start Right Now - - images of a woman having breakfast and tea in bed with a book; a dog in bed with a woman; and a glass of water with a straw
Self Care Hacks to Start Right Now

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