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Small Business, Small Victories

I've been learning so much over the past few weeks. 

I've been working my way through Aroha Knits' Swatch Studio course and have been so motivated and inspired by it. It's such a fantastic resource that lays out all the steps for turning an inspired idea into a pattern that knitters will want to pay for. 

I've been posting many updates on Instagram and starting to build a little community there. My sample knit is almost done, which means it is almost ready to gather up some test knitters to try out my pattern. Concurrently I've tried to put some energy into thinking about how to turn this into not just a pattern, but also a business. I've been playing around with developing my photography style and brand. I also designed a little logo today. 

The background and icon are free icons from Freepik.com. I'm trying to work out how to give explicit design credit every time I use it, so I will probably end up purchasing an icon to avoid this issue. 

Speaking of issues, there is a new law coming into effect in the EU that will affect anyone who stores information that belongs to people inside the EU - as it pertains to me, that means small business people who store an email mailing list. I have not started a mailing list yet, but when I do, I'll have to be quite careful how I go about it. Previously, my teacher suggested offering a free pattern or other incentive for signing up for mailing lists. This will no longer be allowed. 


So much to think about as I plow ahead - but for now I'll work on finishing this last sleeve. Perhaps from my new backyard hammock. 


Toronto, ON, Canada

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