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All of a sudden, it feels like summer outside. It's been in the high 20s for the past several days. So bizarre to think that just a few weeks ago, we had an ice storm. 

It's a little harder to hygge in the summer. I have to get back to the book I was reading, The Year of Living Danishly, to discover how to do it. 

But lately I've been filling my leisure time much more with handknits than with hygge. I finished my first pattern - tech edited, now in the hands of test knitters, and in the mail for submission to a magazine. I had another design idea that I am trying to work into a submission for a book. Hopefully I can get a cohesive vision together in time. 

I'm swatching out an idea for a ladies' sweater this time (and if I finish it, it will be the first adult sweater I have ever knit) in Pima Cotton using Stockinette and lace stitches. I spent all weekend agonizing over the lace, trying to find a way to turn this stormy grey yarn into something that knitters would love to make for spring. As hygge and bad weather go together like peas and carrots, if anyone can make this work it's me. I'm thinking a comforting, cotton sweater is exactly something I'd want to reach for on a stormy spring day.  

A swatch of grey pima cotton stockinette
A swatch of grey pima cotton stockinette

The biggest challenge is that I love top-down sweaters. I hate sewing up seams, so I always always gravitate toward raglans and circular construction. Why is this a challenge? Because the stitches in my new stitch dictionary are bottom-up. That said though - I love this book. I don't know why I didn't get one sooner. 


Do you also love knitting top down? Give one of these a try and let me know what you think! 

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