• Nicky

What is Tech Editing?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Pink bobble knitting on the needles, sprigs of lavender, a cup of coffee, and a notebook with vest schematic sketch drawn in it
Knitting and sketching

If you've been around the fibre community long enough, you may have heard of tech editing - or you may not! Despite knitting from patterns for over 25 years, I had no idea that this was a job that existed. I really didn't think about the process of creating a knitting pattern at all until I decided I wanted to do it myself.

Anyone who has followed a knitting pattern though, knows that they involve a lot of detailed math and sizing information, short hand, and sometimes charts. If any of these instructions has an error, or something is missing, it can be a nightmare for the knitter. Any small error can result in the knitter becoming hopelessly stuck and unable to continue the pattern. That's where the tech (short for technical) editor comes in.

A tech editor combs through the pattern line by line. They check every bit of spelling, formatting, and math. It's amazing what they find! I even had my tech editor, Frauke, let me know that the yarn I was using had been discontinued - this is a really important thing to know because it means that I would either need to change my yarn or include instructions to help knitters find a substitute that would produce the same result.