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What is Your Yarn Telling You?

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Does your yarn speak?

I often hear that it does, if you're listening.

Yarn is my biggest inspiration when creating new designs. Even if I think I have an idea of what I want to make, I find that when I go out and get the yarn, the idea evolves around it. The colour, the texture, the fibre content, they're all factors in choosing just the right stitch, the right ease, the right feeling in the finished garment. There have even been times where the name of the yarn or colourway has inspired me to go in a completely different direction.

Next time you are itching to start a new, exciting, inspiring project, try walking through the yarn store with an open mind. Touch things and read labels. Sometimes when I do this, a special yarn will jump out at me, and I'll just think oh, I have to make SOMETHING with that. If I don't know what yet, I'll go home and think about it. Maybe search Pinterest or Ravelry for patterns using that yarn, before coming up with a reason to go back and make a purchase.

I've been looking at the yarn in the picture above for months. It's a soft smooshy DK weight acrylic, in lots of pretty variegated colourways that would be lovely for classic, durable baby knits - maybe hats, socks, or even a blanket.

I also have a couple hanks of a beautiful worsted cotton acrylic blend in a rosy taupe colour called Fawn. I've had so many ideas for this yarn - I think I've settled on a fall/spring toddler pinafore with lots of texture in the stitches, but I'd love to hear what this yarn says to you.


What do you think this yarn wants to be? Answer in the comments below!

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